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Financial and branch experts of Oxen Bux Limited have carefully studied the market of private investments for the formation of mutually beneficial proposals. Since 2015, successful experience in trade business and the necessary complex of financial instruments allow the company to occupy a leading place in the field of fiduciary management in Great Britain and abroad.

Project-billion.club Limited uses a systematic and integrated approaches, effectively manages quality of multiple business directions: construction and commissioning of data centers, crypto mining using popular algorithms and successful trading activities for all kinds of electronic exchanges.

Stable cash flows provide a profit numerous financial partners of company as well as compliance all conditions of cooperation with investors and timely payments.

Frequently asked questions

General information

What is this site about?
This site is owned by Project-billion.club and is an automated platform for investments and earnings.
What is the Project-billion.club?
Project-billion.club is United Kingdom company which engaged in the attraction of private capital for construction of mining farms and cryptocryptocurrency trading.
Is the Project-billion.club registered and legit?
Yes, the company has passed the necessary procedure for incorporation in the United Kingdom and is legally engaged in trading activities online.
What guarantees do you provide?
As guarantees the company has several large data centers in the United Kingdom, which will be used as collateral in the event of inability of further fulfillment of company's obligations to investors.
Can I visit your office to ensure that you are real?
Yes, you can visit our office and talk to our managers. Our office is open during regular business hours.
Can I lose the money with Project-billion.club?
No, we exclude such a possibility. In case of failure in trading you will get back your deposit in full.

Information about registration and login

Who can be your investor?
The company is open to everyone regardless of country of residence.
What do I need to start?
To invest and get a profit, you need to register and have personal account.
How many times can I register?
You can only register once. Re-registration is permitted in only the case of loss of access to the first account, and there is no active deposit.
Do I have to register every time I want to make a new deposit?
No, you can invest a few times, only using a single account. Multiple registrations are not allowed.
How many people can use the same computer and the same IP address to invest?
We do not have such restrictions, all of your friends and relatives can use your computer to invest and get profits.
I registered but can not log into account. What should I do?
Make sure you enter the correct username and password. If all your attempts are unsuccessful, use the "Forgot password" function on the login page.

Information about investment

What is investment proposal the company has?
Project-billion.club only offers two investment plans with unlimited period which will bring you a profit from 130% to 200% After 1 day and After 3 days.
Will I get my profits 7 days a week, or only 5 days?
You will get a profit in the 7 days.
I am ready to start. How can I make a deposit?
We accept the popular online payment system, such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash and Bitcoin.
What is the minimum deposit?
You can start investing from $10.
When I can get back my deposit?
After your deposit has worked 75 business days you can get your money back.
How quickly will I see the money in my account after I made deposit?
You will see the deposit in your account instantly after you sent the payment. An exception is the deposit through Bitcoin which takes from a few minutes to several hours.
I want to invest bitcoins, where can I get the current rate?
The current exchange rate of Bitcoin against US dollar you can check online on http://preev.com/btc/usd.
Where will I see my profits?
You'll see your profits on your account balance after accrual.
Can I increase my active deposit?
No, you can't increase existing deposit. However, you can make some additional deposits.
Can I make a deposit in the first investment plan, and then in the second one?
Yes, you can have any number of deposits in any investment plans.
Do you offer compounding feature, but I'm not sure I know what that means.
Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods, this means compound interest is interest paid on interest. The longer you invest your money, the higher your interest payments will grow, not only on your original amount but on the additional interest you earn every day. This is what makes compounding interest so powerful.

Information about payments

How often can I withdraw profits?
You can withdraw earnings at any time, provided that your account balance is at least $1.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
You can make request to withdraw profits of not less than $1.
What should I do to get withdrawal?
To get a payout, you should make withdrawal request. To do this, log into your account and go to "Withdraw". Specify payment amount and confirm your request.
How fast withdrawal requests are processed?
All withdrawal requests are processed automatically and instantly.
Can I invest through one electronic system, and get payments through another later?
No, you can only withdraw using same e-currency you have invested. In case you invested via credit card you can withdraw using Payeer.

Information about the referral program and agents network

Does the company pay rewards for attracting new investors?
Sure it does. To promote the company offers a three-tier referral system: 10% - 3% - 1%.
How fast referral commission is accrued?
Referral commission is accrued as soon as your referral makes a deposit in accordance with the level of his referral tier.
Where can I look for referrals?
You can search referrals on the forums, which are dedicated to investing online, on the pages of your blog, or by telling your friends about the company's offer.
How can I withdraw my referral commission?
Referral commission is accrued and can only be paid with same e-currency, which your referral used to make deposit.
How to earn more referral commission?
If you want to earn more by attracting new investors, we recommend getting the status of our official agent. In this case your commission of first referral tier will be 10% instead 5%.
Who are the agents of Project-billion.club?
Agents of the company are information partners who provide consulting services to novice investors. Detailed information about the activities of agents can be found in the Agents Network section.
How can I become an agent of Project-billion.club, and what benefits will I have?
To become an agent of Project-billion.club you need to send a request to the Department of regional development. Among the advantages of agents are operative communication with the management of the company and increased referral commission - 10%.

Information about safety

How secure is my personal information on your website?
Your personal information is secure thanks to the most modern methods of protection of the websites. In addition, we never provide any information about our clients third parties.
What protection methods do you use?
The site has a protection from any external threats, including DDoS attacks. Transferring data occurs over an encrypted channel using SSL certificate.
How to ensure maximum protection?
To ensure maximum protection of your account and your funds use complex password, never share login data to unauthorized persons, install modern anti-virus software and firewall.
How can I contact with the management of company?
To contact the management of company, please fill out the feedback form in the "Need Help" section, use email or contact us by phone.


15%First level

5%second level

3%third level

regional agents

18%First level

5%second level

3%third level

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