business conception

Financial and branch experts of Oxen Bux Limited have carefully studied the market of private investments for the formation of mutually beneficial proposals. Since 2015, successful experience in trade business and the necessary complex of financial instruments allow the company to occupy a leading place in the field of fiduciary management in Great Britain and abroad.

Project-billion.club Limited uses a systematic and integrated approaches, effectively manages quality of multiple business directions: construction and commissioning of data centers, crypto mining using popular algorithms and successful trading activities for all kinds of electronic exchanges.

Stable cash flows provide a profit numerous financial partners of company as well as compliance all conditions of cooperation with investors and timely payments.

How to Invest

Project-billion.club Limited has made every effort for clear, profitable and safe investment proposal. The company thoroughly calculated own forces to create the conditions for partners on the basis of extensive experience. To start investing, you only need to follow the simple instructions.


First of all, you should pass through short registration procedure. The company respects your privacy and does not insist that you give us real personal information. In the modern world of electronic payment systems, everyone has the right to anonymity, and we support this view. All mandatory information that we need is your name and email address which we will use for system notifications and in case you will lost your account password and need to restore. We also require your payment information to make regular payouts according to your requests. Please fill out registration form in only English.


Once you register an account, check your e-mail and find a welcome letter from the Project-billion.club Limited with confirmation of your registration. Now you can start to use the company's investment platform.
Log into your account and go to the Make deposit section, select the appropriate plan, specify the amount of your deposit and send money for deposit using one of payment methods: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.


During whole investment period you can set compounding if it is required. Project-billion.club Limited offers flexible terms of investment, which provide the automatic reinvestment of your daily earnings. Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods, this means compound interest is interest paid on interest. The longer you invest your money, the higher your interest payments will grow, not only on your original amount but on the additional interest you earn every day. This is what makes compounding interest so powerful.

If you have any additional questions you can get answers in the «FAQ» sections or by contacting one of our information partner in «Agents Network».


15%First level

5%second level

3%third level

regional agents

18%First level

5%second level

3%third level

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