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Financial and branch experts of Oxen Bux Limited have carefully studied the market of private investments for the formation of mutually beneficial proposals. Since 2015, successful experience in trade business and the necessary complex of financial instruments allow the company to occupy a leading place in the field of fiduciary management in Great Britain and abroad.

Project-billion.club Limited uses a systematic and integrated approaches, effectively manages quality of multiple business directions: construction and commissioning of data centers, crypto mining using popular algorithms and successful trading activities for all kinds of electronic exchanges.

Stable cash flows provide a profit numerous financial partners of company as well as compliance all conditions of cooperation with investors and timely payments.

about “Project-billion.club limited”

Project-billion.club Limited is a modern company from the Great Britain, which has the goal of creating an effective system of earnings and investments online. The peculiarity of the company is the use of advanced technologies and wide diversification.

In 2014, the company's technicians put into operation the first data center in the north of England, which in addition to the storage and processing of data was intended for cryptomining on the basis of classical and modified algorithms with a lot of Innoslicon A2 Terminator-based Scrypt ASIC miners. This farm was built with high-density equipment with efficient liquid cooling system. In the future, these principles of organization have become the standard in the development of cryptomining farms. This allows us to use the structure of mining in energy efficiency mode.

Since 2015, Project-billion.club Limited began trading bitcoins through online exchanges with contracts for difference currency pairs BTC/USD (CFD), purchasing and selling binary options and engaging in arbitrage trading without the intervention of banks or intermediaries. Besides, the simultaneous use of several methods of earnings has led to an increase in operating profit, reduced and eliminated the risks through diversification and protected the company from possible losses. For stable and controlled trade, our experts use the crypto exchanges with a high level of confidence, as well as brokers, which allow us to trade currencies using Meta Trader platform.

 In 2017 the company began the legalization of its activities in the United Kingdom to begin work in the area of trust management and investments. Project-billion.club Limited offers some of the best conditions for the deposits and uses automated platform through which all financial transactions are instant.

Investments with Project-billion.club Limited are affordable for anyone and always safe. The more information about the conditions of cooperation can be found in the «Investment package» section.

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